Monday, November 15, 2010

Discussion Forum for CAs and other professionals

Hey Guys,,
Welcome to this new forum, specially created for discussing and sharing the problems and complexities faced by all of us in the 'Field'. As all of us are aware that ours is a dynamic field, in which each of us need to update our knowledge to deal with new issues and complications that multiply their occurrence in this ever changing accounting environment. All of us deal with different sets of issues and follow different sets of approaches to deal with them. The purpose of this forum is to share your issues, concerns and invaluable experience. This will certainly help us to develop our perspective towards facing new challenges and deal with them with efficacy. For this, I require your support. Lets share everything related to the profession here, lets share your experiences, lets help each other in their individual development, lets make a small effort towards the development of this profession.

Looking forward to a positive response from all of you.

Signing off for now,,
Brijesh Narula